Curtis Grimes will be joining us this week on Radio Texas Live. We know him from his concerts and shows around East Texas the past 2 and a half years, the nation knows him as a breakout star of the first season of NBC's The Voice -- and Friday November 25th Curtis Grimes will be headlining the annual day after Thanksgiving concert at Electric Cowboy. Tickets are on sale now for the big show so be sure to pick yours up now by clicking here

And Saturday don't miss Curtis with us on RTX-Live.  This past Spring we started a new tradition with the release of his last single "Doin My Time" -- we played it before anyone else -- and we will continue that tradition Saturday when we debut his next single "Irresponsible" so don't miss it.  Checkout Curtis's performance of "How 'Bout Tonight" from The KNUE Front Porch.