If you are watching what you eat and trying to make healthier choices, good for you! It's hard enough just to be on a diet. But when you are always hungry...that's the worst. I found this information  while surfing the net at allyou.com. Maybe these foods can help you beat those hunger pains! Keep up the good work, you can do it!Potatoes - Potatoes contain a specific starch that lingers in your body, suppressing appetite for 24 hours! Who knew? Try tossing sliced potatoes with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and a pinch  of chili powder and grill!

Fish - Studies have shown that fish eaters tend to eat 75 fewer calories at their next meal! I wonder if that includes friend catfish??

Broccoli - Eat this vegetable and it can really help with your appetite. Broccoli has a high water content and lots of fiber! Steamed or raw, this is a veggie I can handle! Mix broccoli with your low fat mac and cheese.

Nuts - Nuts are rich in protein, fiber and good fats. The key is to eat just a hand full. Almonds are the best choice. Just a suggestion, I would look for almonds that are unsalted!

Salsa - Spicy salsa help metabolism and in some cases can help you burn 50 extra calories a day! Ole'. I put salsa on everything from my eggs to my salads!

Dairy - It seems the calcium and vitamin D in low-fat cheese and milk can help increase levels of leptin. Leptin is a hormone that tells your body its full! For a great snack try an ounce of low fat cheese and a slice of apple.

Carrots - Studies show that thinner people have 22 % more carotenoids (antioxidants found in carrots) in their blood than overweight people. This could mean that a diet high in colorful produce might help maintain a healthy weight! It works for Bugs Bunny! Enjoy sliced raw carrots with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and roast in the oven for 20 minutes at 425!

Grapefruit - The high water content a acidic ph in this fruit help food linger in your system, keeping you full and satisfied. Try eating a half of a grapefruit before meals to help lose a few pounds!

Beans - Beans are loaded with fiber and protien and that combination helps you feel fuller, longer! Beans also initiate a fat-burning process.

Eggs - The protein in eggs breaks down slowly - which might help keep those hunger pains away! Bake your leftover cooked veggies with eggs, low fat cheese and a splash of milk.

Avocados - The monounsaturated fat in avocados activates a hormone that keeps fat from collecting in the belly! Yeah!!! Just keep in mind portion size.

Green Tea - The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says the caffeine in green tea may help your body burn 80 extra calories a day! Aim for 3 cups daily! Plus it calms your nerves and has tons of antioxidants!