"...You couldn't hit country with a baseball bat" 

-- WHOA! Shooter Jennings new song 'Outlaw You' leaves no one wondering where he stands on the "new" "Outlaw Country".  Thank you Rita Ballou at RawhideAndVelvet.com, perusing her website is where I came across this gem of a song. 

It's a great song, I've listened to it now 4 times, I just found it 15 mins ago. Now, I'm going to refrain from re-writing the lyrics in this post (even though I really want to) seeing how the video does it for us and there's no need to be redundant now is there, or is there?

Listen, son you aint gotta clue/you can't buy true/tell ya what they should do/They should outlaw you

... I feel better, here's the video.