As if New York hasn't be hit with enough already, now they are going through a gasoline rationing program. This plan is to help the long lines at the pump. With the rations protecting the abuse of the fuel, now everyone gets their fair share. With electricity still not operating across the state, is anyone really paying attention to the gas situation?

Sure, having a shorter wait at the pump is a positive step forward for the citizens. Without power in their homes and in a lot of business, including gas stations, what is more important?

With the added hit of a snow storm and cold weather over the barely recovering landscape that Sandy left behind, the electricity situation is worsening. The trees around New York have been weaken by the onslaught of bad weather. As they drop their limbs under the pressure of the damage, more power lines are falling with them. With the cold weather now upon them, the families without power are feeling the chills of frustration.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was interviewed for a Huffington Post article on the subject. They describe that he is very upset with the situation and claims the utilities companies are acting "unprepared and badly managed." He continues by saying, "It's unacceptable the longer it goes on because the longer it goes on, people's suffering is worse."

With more than 200,00 still without power, this situation is in dire need of resolution.

But, things are slowly returning to normal in the hurricane's aftermath. The gas rationing is one of the steps towards normalcy that the New York area is seeing. Hopefully, the electricity will come back in the city that never sleeps.