Hurricane Sandy

New York Hit With First Gas Rationing Since The 70’s
As if New York hasn't be hit with enough already, now they are going through a gasoline rationing program. This plan is to help the long lines at the pump. With the rations protecting the abuse of the fuel, now everyone gets their fair share. With electricity still not operating across the stat…
Ways You Can Help Hurricane Sandy Victims
The Northeast was hit with the most devastating and earth shattering storm that we have seen in years. People are without power, homes, food, water, and the essentials needed to survive. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Mother Nature has decided to ease up on them yet. With a winter surge heading…
Hurricane Sandy Spinning Toward East Coast
New York, New Jersey and other coastal states announced evacuations of citizens living in low-lying coastal areas on Sunday, as Hurricane Sandy and an accompanying storm surge threatened the East Coast of the United States.