I've had John David Kent (JDK) on the show a couple times and this dude can sing. Growing up in Texas and influenced by the likes of John Denver and Willie Nelson, JDK feels like he is finally writing what comes natural to him. And enjoying his brand of music seems to come just as natural to country music lovers -- the video for their debut single ‘My Girl’ was chosen as CMT's Pick Of The Week towards the end of 2010.  And tonight he's bringing his live show to town at Tyler's Electric Cowboy.

When he stopped by earlier this year we had what many people have said was one of the funnest 5 Questions segments of the year, here it is from The RTX Rewind.

Make plans now to see John and his band tonight at Electric Cowboy in Tyler, tickets will be available at the door, so come on out and enjoy some great LIVE music. I'll leave ya'll with the "My Girl" Video -- see ya'll tonight at EC!