Canadian Butchers ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ [VIDEO]
Over the past few years celebrities here in the U.S. have come under fire for mispronouncing or replacing a couple of words while performing "The Star Spangled Banner" but nothing comes close to the performance from a Canadian singer over the weekend.
Caught on Video: Hockey Coach Trips 13-Year-Old Player [VIDEO]
He might've been trying to toughen the kid up, but I think it's safe to assume coach didn't like the way this opposing player played. Whatever the case, instead of talking with mom and dad he took matters into his on hands -- or in this case foot. A Canadian youth hockey coach was cau…
Minor League Hockey Has Annual Teddy Bear Toss [VIDEO]
The winter holiday season is here. Which means it's time for that annual tradition between minor league hockey teams: The Teddy Bear Toss. Being from Texas, I don't know anything about hockey or the Teddy Bear Toss. In case you're unaware of this annual tradition too, it's when fans bring stuffed an…