johnny cooper

Johnny Cooper is LIVE Tonight at Electric Cowboy [VIDEO]
Johnny Cooper recently cut off all his hair, but don't worry Samson he is not. Even though his trademark big-ass curl-fro is gone he hasn't missed one step. Cooper is still putting out great Texas Music and putting on amazing live shows all over Texas. And he's doing it as he always h…
Johny Cooper Goes Christmas Shopping for Kids [VIDEO]
Our friend Rita Ballou of posted a video of Johnny Cooper, who recently made a trip to a Toys R Us in Wichita Falls to spend $1,000 for kids, for Christmas. Check it out and try not to get in the Christmas Spirit -- Impossible!
Rita Ballou’s ‘Dirt’ is on Radio Texas Live
Rita Ballou joins The RTX Crew (that rhymes) each week to bring us the Dirt in Texas and Red Dirt Music. She’s not one to pull punches and remarkably she actually does seem to have her hand on the pulse of our scene. She tends to ruffle feathers but that’s only becaus…
Johnny Cooper Pics From The KNUE Front Porch
Wednesday Johnny Cooper came to the KNUE studios to perform on our Front Porch for some of our great listeners, below are some pics from the show and of course it was a great performance from J-Coop, as usual.  We'll be sure to get some videos posted later this afternoon, so check back.
Texas Music And You In Gun Barrel City July 3
Gun Barrel City is back with their second annual GBC July Fest and Concert in the Park and this year it will be taking place at their brand new pavilion.  They've lined up some great entertainment No Justice, Johnny Cooper, and Derek Sholl all return from last year and they'll bring with them Brian…