His new LIVE album titled ‘Live at the Pub 2′ drops tomorrow and last Wednesday Johnny Cooper stopped by The KNUE studio to sing for some of our amazing listeners.  Then returned Saturday for his first appearance on Radio Texas Live.

It's no secret Cooper has never been one for making music any way but his own, and his new single ‘Hot Mess’ may not be what people would call a traditional country song,  cause it’s not… But by God, if it ain’t some good music.  In fact ‘Hot Mess’ despite it’s non-traditional sound (and title) is so far his fasting rising single, to date reaching number 27 this week after just 3 short weeks on the Texas Music Chart.

When J Coop stopped in, one of the first things we discussed was his very first single --from six years ago, off the 'Ignition' album titled 'Texas To You' which by the way you've probably heard at a Rangers, Cowboys or Stars game... and the radio... and your iPod, check out what he had to say about his debut single and what's become his signature song.

And I had 5 Questions for the Wichita Falls native, and once again it appears I came out on top of this little challenge.

Finally Cooper's new single: we talked about his decision to release a song called 'Hot Mess' a song that doesn't have a country chord, lick or feel to it, it's not one little bit country.  I've included the whole song so take a listen, let us know what you think.  I for one like it!

For those of you who weren’t able to make it to the Johnny Cooper Front Porch show last week, here is his live performance of 'Blue'.