If he weren't married, he's the guy you wouldn't mind your sister dating. That is until you find out how much he loves to make videos -- I believe he has more music videos than singles to radio and I just don't know how I feel about a dude dating my sister who makes that many videos, he's a good guy but geez enough videos already Granger, I can't even fully appreciate the last video before he's out with a new one (click here to view his youtube channel).

Granger Smith returns to Electric Cowboy tonight (buy tickets here).  His growing popularity in the East Texas area is evident by the growing number of people showing up when he comes to town. And maybe that's why he's making it a point to come to town the same week his brand new album "Live at The Chicken" is released, out yesterday (download it here). It should be noted that he made it a point to come to Tyler when his last album "Poets and Prisoners" was released too.

We'll be adding names to our guest list to the big album release concert today on the Radio Texas Live FB page so I suggest you monitor it throughout the day. Now I'll leave yall with two, yes TWO Granger videos (out of the 114 or so there are to choose from) and I'll see y'all for some Granger tonight.

1. "I'm Wearing Black"

2. "Gypsy Rain"

3. Ok, three. Meet Earl Dibbles Jr.