It's time once again to check out the Texas Regional Radio Report‘s list of the biggest songs in Texas. Can Wade Bowen hold the top spot for two straight weeks, or were Aaron Watson, Whiskey Myers or Cody Johnson able rally up enough spins to unseat him? Click through and see your favorite song lands this week.

10. So So Long - The Damn Quails

9. Say It - Six Market Blvd

8. Here's to Me and You - Kevin Fowler

7. Stay the Night - Jerrod Medulla

6. Give it a Try – Reckless Kelly

5. Anna Marie – Whiskey Myers

4. Red Dirt Girl - Bo Phillips

3. To Live is to Fly - Wade Bowen

2. Raise Your Bottle – Aaron Watson

Aaaand the brand new No. 1 song in Texas:

1. Guilty as Can Be - Cody Johnson Band

Big congratulations to the Cody Johnson Band on their return to the top, let's celebrate with an RTX-Extra!

When Cody dropped by the show recently, he told us the story behind the song his wife "hates" and why she hates it. Then he left us with a live, acoustic version of this week's biggest song in Texas, "Guilty as Can Be," check it out.

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