It’s official. It’s the biggest Independence Day Weekend kick-off, EVER!  KNUE, Radio Texas Live and Electric Cowboy are teaming up to bring you JB and The Moonshine Band Friday July 1st get your tix now by clicking here.

JB And The Moonshine Band conquered the music video world last summer with the release of their debut video ‘Perfect Girl’ and after garnering over 200,000 views on youtube in a few short weeks,  the video was quickly picked up by  In addition, it spent about 6 weeks on CMT’s Pure 12 Pack peaking at number 3.

The song subsequently caught the attention of satellite radio’s XM 11, they began playing the Texas tune in heavy rotation and this put JBMB in a very bright, very national spotlight.  And then the people wanted more,  so next came the music downloads.  Thank God for digital music!  In mass people began searching our Tyler boys out on iTunes and iTunes happily obliged sending digital copies of their music around the world from Texas to Tanzania and all points in between.

So what does this all add up to? The ET natives are headlining sellout shows inside and outside of Texas and this past weekend their hard work earned them an invitation to Wolf Dance in Dallas, where Wolf Dance headliner Casey Donahew called JB onto the stage to perform a song the two wrote together in front of over 10,000 people.  Nice.

Oh! and Perfect Girl now has nearly 480,000 views on youtube.  Not too bad for a few guys who just 2 years ago had only one DJ spinnin’ em on radio (yep, I’m talkin ’bout me) and they were playing to underwhelming crowds of no more than 15-20 friends and family here in Tyler.

Don’t miss JB And The Moonshine Band Friday 7.1.11 for The Ultimate Independence Day Weekend Kick Off, goin down at Electric Cowboy in Tyler.  Buy tickets here.

And in honor of their homecoming here's the Top 5 songs from the Perfect Girl crooners.

5.  'Love Don't Let You Decide'

4.  'Sticker Peck Out'

3.  'Missing You Again'

2. 'Whiskey Days'

1.  'Perfect Girl'