The band Uncle Lucius was gracious enough to stop by and perform in the the studio yesterday for forty plus fans and listeners -- the overall consensus on the performance, AWESOME. And a big thank you to Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Que for feeding all of us lunch.

The guys started the five song set with "Pocket Full of Misery," their debut radio single from last year. Next they sang their follow up single "Keep the Wolves Away," a very personal song lead singer Kevin Galloway. Both songs can be found on their current album "And You Are Me."

Galloway shared the story behind the new single.

"It's about my father who was hurt in a chemical accident when I was a teenager... It changed things around the house, he was the only bread winner. The song talks about how he worked to keep the wolves away in the midst of that."

To help "Keep the Wolves Away" for families in need, beginning in March the guys will be teaming up Texas Food Banks. Their goal is to raise as much money and food as possible to help fight food insecurity in Texas. To do this, they'll be collecting food and money at all their concerts in Texas and Oklahoma.

Next Saturday (Feb. 16) Uncle Lucius will be in-studio with us for the official radio debut of "Keep the Wolves Away," so be sure to tune in. Here's the exclusive Front Porch Videos.

Pocket Full of Misery

Keep the Wolves Away

Need more Uncle Lucius? Check out the video for "Somewhere Else," and this one of the guys covering Willie.