This morning Big D and Bubba were asking listeners about the gift they always wanted for Christmas, but never got. It was interesting listening to what listeners were saying. One listener even said she always wanted a big family, but never got one.The one call I really thought was cute, was a grown man who said for 10 years he just wanted some cologne. Yep, just a bottle of cologne. Instead, he received a mustache and beard trimmer even though he hadn't had a mustache or beard for the last five years.

Another caller asked for an Adidas gym bag like the one her sister got one Christmas, and now as an adult, she still doesn't have one. The guys suggested she buy herself one today. It's just not as great when it doesn't come from Santa, though, right?

For the most part, my Mom says I always seemed happy with the Christmas gifts I received (great kid, right?). But I do remember longing to move to New York City and being on Broadway. I know that seems extreme for a kid. Of course, I never did move to New York and I was never on Broadway, but my parents did take me to visit NY on several awesome trips throughout the years, so I was happy with that. NY still remains one of my favs!

I always tell people, I got as far as South Broadway in Tyler, so does that count? It tuned out alright, 'cause when I found radio -- I was hooked!

Anyway, I wanted to keep the conversation going from the morning show and ask you guys what gift you really longed for, and never got. Just hit me up on the comment section below.

Maybe this year, you'll get that special gift, but only if you've been nice!