One of the all-time great Christmas movies has got to be "It's a Wonderful Life!"  I watch it every Christmas, it's a tradition. You know that heartwarming moment at the end where George Bailey’s adorable daughter Zuzu tells her father that “every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings?"

It's a perfect ending and leaves you feeling that life is good!

The actress who played Zuzu, has had anything BUT a wonderful life. In fact, according to a report published in the Washington Post, much of Karolyn Grimes’ life has been filled with tragedy.

"My mother died when I was 12, and right after my dad died in a car crash,” said Grimes, who was just 6 when she played Zuzu. “I was 15 and had no family. The court sent me to live with my uncle and aunt in Missouri. … They were kind of nutso, religious fanatics who didn't believe in movies, dancing, singing, that kind of thing. I don't think they believed in laughing, either."

From there, things didn’t exactly improve for Grimes, as she later lost a husband to cancer and a son to suicide.

Even though actress Karolyn Grimes ( Zuzu),  had tragedy in her life, she persevered and made herself a wonderful life.

In what ways is your life wonderful?