The first time I met Ryan Beaver was well over 2 years ago.  The then baby-faced Emory native stopped by my show for an interview and we played the now legendary game "Leave It To Beaver To Name That Ryan" a game that would take longer to explain than it's worth --but trust me it's legendary.  However I was a fan of the "Beav" long before that meeting, in fact from the very first time I heard "Under The Neons" a song that you can find on his debut album of the same name, I've been a fan.

And that all takes us to this Saturday night, from his lyrics to sound Ryan has something special and if you've yet to familiarize yourself with the now the grizzly-bearded singer I've got your chance Saturday night and who knows maybe we'll play "Leave It To Beaver To Name That Ryan" or not, some things are never as good as they were the first time but we'll definitely spin his new song "Hate" off his album "Constant."

Check out his video for "How About You" and what a great video it is, then don't miss him Saturday night on Radio Texas Live.