Parents Beware: Bullying is on the Rise
The subject of "bullying" is something I know all to well. I wish I didn't, but I do. My daughter was a subject of bullying for many of her elementary and middle school years.
The hurt and pain is so deep that some of our children never recover, or are scarred so deeply that it…
Stars Reach Out To Stop Bullying
Johan Mowry is a 14 year old, eighth grader who created a moving video with some very honest feelings on the affects of bullying on his life.  Over the weekend, Leslie and I saw many re-posts and tweets supporting this very brave young man -- offering him encouragement and praising his courage.
Taylor Swift ‘Mean’ [VIDEO]
Taylor Swift's 'Mean' debuted late last Friday on CMT. I have been looking forward to this music video because the message is so important. With the abundance of bullying in our schools it is important to dig deeper beneath the surface find out what the root cause is.  Swift's video shows a girl t…
Facebook Stepping In To Stop Bullying
Facebook is hosting an online summit with President Obama and the First Lady to find ways to stop and prevent bullying. If you would like to participate in this landmark forum it is at 11am today.
Yesterday the Obamas reached out via facebook to announce their role and point of view on this topic --…
Is Bullying Really a Part of Childhood?
In a special announcement of Facebook -- Michelle Obama and President Obama set the stage for an online summit  "Bullying Prevention" -- starting March 10, 2011.
Calling to action all parents, coaches, teachers and students to step forward and become the solution.  You can…