With the passing of Proposition 2, Tyler is now able to sell beer and wine for off premises consumption. This landmark decision was hard to swallow for some that stood against the proposition. What could be the silver lining for the few who opposed the measure?


With addition of beer and wine sales in our city, Tyler will have tax revenues we have never seen before. Who doesn't love a bit more money?

As the citizens of this fair city prepare for the lines at the grocery store checkouts, the wait will be full of happy surprises. Not only will those that choose to drink the alcoholic beverages be happy to have a shorter trip to buy the stuff, the road there might be a little nicer. Really, the extra money that is headed our way can improve so many aspects of this community.

With more money coming in, Tyler can improve so many things yearning for monetary support. Roads, schools, city funded programs, and loads of other community support will have a deeper pocket to have their hand in.

Doesn't that make the weary feel a little more confident in this change? I know I am excited to see not just a progression of this city towards more modern concepts, but also improving the way it is run and takes care of its populous.

Dont' believe me that the money will be enough to fund these expensive tasks? In 2009, alcohol sales across the country proved what a boost to the economy they can be.

Alcohol sales are said by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States to be, "responsible for over $393 billion in total U.S. economic activity." Though Tyler will only be selling beer and wine, this number should show the past contributions. With direct state contributions, creation of jobs, and local tax revenues the sale of alcoholic beverages can gain a lot of money for us.

We will not know for sure how much we will receive from the new products on the shelves of Brookshire's or Walmart, but any bit more can definitely help.

Though, I wrote once that nothing would change for those that do not drink, you will see a change. More money coming into your city and not out of your wallet should make you a little pleased. Lets see what the future brings, but the dollar signs surrounding this decision are looking mighty fine already.

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