Creepy is an understatement. What could these glowing red "eyes"  belong to?

Either you believe in Bigfoot or you don't, it's fine, but when evidence like this comes across our desk, we have to ask some questions.

If you're one of the thousands of followers of the Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley Facebook group, you may have come across information about some of the recent activity at a home in Highland.

Gayle Beatty, who runs the Bigfoot Researchers of the HV groups, has shared videos, screengrabs, and updates about these intense encounters from a woman named Jane.

Beatty tells us:

That place is very active. Jane just texted me and said [Bigfoot] are out in her yard. Incredible evidence.

The latest piece of evidence sent a chill right down my back. Take a look at the photo Jane caught on her security camera:

I'm no expert, but those look like glowing, red eyes. What or who do they belong to? The world may never know, but the folks at Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley have an idea.

Obviously, since all of the Bigfoot activity, their first assumption is that those eyes belong to Bigfoot. However, the comment section has thrown out other ideas. Like, Mothman.

Mothman is a creature of West Virginia folklore who is described as a "Man-Sized Bird Creature" with glowing red eyes according to Wikipedia.

That description alone fits the bill.

Another commenter suggests it's just taillights from the back of a car.

Jane, the woman who took the photo, believes the eyes belong to Bigfoot and that they were "hunting was interesting to watch how they were hunting it" she explained in a Facebook comment.

Now you can be the judge? What or who do those glowing red "eyes" belong to?

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