The new music video for Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings‘ duet, ‘Drinking Side of Country,’ gives plenty of barn party scenes, cop chases, beer, beautiful girls and cameo appearances from the likes of country’s Kellie Pickler, X Games medalist Kenny Bartram and TNA wrestler Mickie James.

The video made its premiere on July 26 and racked up over 800,000 views within just a 24-hour period. That gave it the edge over other music videos — it made YouTube’s “Popular Around the Web” ranking and also became one of the Top Trending Videos overall. It has since far exceeded the one million views mark.

As a rebellious twosome, Covington and Jennings raise some Cain in a small town before getting the cops involved. As they do their best to lose the police, they finally run out of rope. But not before pulling out one last trick to get out of the jam they put themselves in.

They send a text message to Pickler and Bartram, who quickly come to their rescue. As the cops are patting down Covington and Jennings, Pickler emerges from the long dirt road, making her way toward the commotion. Like any guy would, the cop gets distracted by the ‘Tough’ singer’s looks, giving Covington and Jennings an easy escape.

‘Drinking Side of Country’ was penned by Covington, along with his twin brother, Rocky, and Ducky Medlock. The tune can be found on the singer’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, ‘Good Guys,’ set to hit stores on September 11.

Watch the Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings ‘Drinking Side of Country’ Video

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