Cam is keeping very busy, as she's in the midst of planning her wedding and gearing up for a summer on the road with Dierks Bentley. The "Mayday" singer admits that while she's juggling many things, one thing she can't contain is her excitement.

“I’m excited about the fellow,” Cam tells The Boot. “I’m really excited.”

The newcomer announced her engagement to Adam Weaver, a Nashville-based business broker and commercial real estate agent, in September. Since then, she's been trying to juggle her music commitments while planning the wedding and admits that it has been difficult.

“When you’re so consumed, when your art and your life are super intertwined like this, it’s really hard to put on the brakes for a second and be like, ‘Let’s focus on something else,'” Cam explains. “You’re going so hard. You’re so entrenched in it. It’s hard to step aside for a second.”

The always sunny Cam previously told Taste of Country that while she does love the color yellow, she won't be gliding down the aisle in a yellow wedding dress.

“Yellow will be in places, but it’s not going to be overwhelming,” she further explains to The Boot. “The idea is, it’s meant to be our day, not my day.”

Cam released her debut album Untamed in December. The album cover art features Cam sitting on the ground sipping a lemon from a straw — an image she explains has multiple meanings.

"This last five years making this music, there’s been a lot of lessons that I’ve learned," she told Taste of Country last year. "The overall lesson is you need to accept yourself and life as it is. Don’t try to sugar it and sweeten it and water it down. If you can take things head on, you win. The whole album has a whole bunch of those lessons in it."

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