It’s moving at over 4 miles per second, but you can see it in the night sky this week.

The International Space Station will be seen overhead Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Wednesday it will be visible for 5 minutes starting at 7:46 pm. It will start in the north-northwest sky and move towards the east sky. It will be high in the sky, so it’ll be a good chance to see it. You can see it again for 2 minutes on Thursday at 8:36 pm. It will move from the west-southwest sky to the south-southwest sky. Another good chance to see it will come on Friday starting at 7:47 pm. It’ll appear in the west-northwest sky and move towards the south-southeast sky for 4 minutes.

The International Space Station will look like any other star in the sky, except it’ll be moving and it won’t “twinkle” as stars do. The difference between the space station and a plane, well planes have blinking lights, whereas the space station won’t blink in the night sky.

Even though it’s moving very fast, remember it’s very high up in the sky. The I.S.S. orbits the planet at over 250 miles from the surface. This is why we’re able to see it for a few minutes, even though it’s traveling at over 17-thousand miles per hour.

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