DWTS was all about 'guilty pleasures' last night. We had the first 10's of the season and Hanson performed delivering a spirited and invigorating performance of their '90s smash hit "MMMBOP." I thought they were fabulous. Back in November, Hanson dropped by the studio and gave an acoustic performance. These guys are truly talented.  Find out the couples scores and more after the jump.

Kirstie and Maks did a great job with their Samba to Britney's "Baby, One More Time." They danced away with a total score of 26.

Who knew  Chris Jericho was the lead singer in a rock band! Chris & Cheryl's Tango to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" got mixed reviews from the judges. Their score was 22.

Last week was the  anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Romeo & Chelsie did a Waltz to the love song from the hit movie based on that event. The couple actually got the first 10 of the season and waltzed away with a total score of 28.

We saw another high-energy dance from Chelsea & Mark. It was a very difficult routine, but they  pulled it off with great energy and enthusiasm. Very  impressive since we learned that Mark twisted his ankle during rehearsal. The couple got the second 10 of the season from the judges. They came away energized, with a total score of 28.

It was a hot, hot, hot high-energy Samba where Kendra & Louis were "Livin' La Vida Loca" all over the dance floor. These two were shaking anything that could possibly be shaken throughout the entire performance. Obvisioulsy the judges like it, they shook away with a total score of 25.

Hines & Kym danced to 'The End of the Road' with a beautiful Viennese Waltz in this competition. The judges feel they have such good chemistry, though Carrie Ann thought she caught Hines thinking too much about the dance. But they waltzed away with a score of 27.

Ralph and Karina looked like a real matador with their Paso! The couple had a accident halfway  through where Karina  tripped over Ralph's coat tails.  But like a pro, Ralph picked up his partner nd they finished their dance in Paso style! The judges praised them for getting back on thei feet and awarded them with a score of 24.

The question is, who will be eliminated tonight? We'll have to wait and see!