Yesterday afternoon David Letterman shook up the late-night landscape once more with the announcement of his 2015 retirement from 'The Late Show with David Letterman,' however inevitable the exit might have been. The internet has been awash with gossip and replacement debates since, but has 'The Colbert Report' host Stephen Colbert emerged as CBS' clear frontrunner to take the 'Late Show' throne from retiring David Letterman?

Take this with a heaping helping of salt, mind you, considering Letterman only yesterday informed the network of his decision to exit the stage, and even then only at a vague point in 2015. That said, Mashable is reporting Colbert is the frontrunner among the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Chelsea Handler, Jon Stewart and more. Seeing as Letterman has considered retirement before, Colbert has reportedly had "discussions" with CBS about the job.

Of course, neither CBS nor Comedy Central had anything to comment on the matter. Colbert remains contracted with 'The Colbert Report' through the end of 2014, so at least the timing works out, but Colbert's potential involvement would necessitate a number of adjustments. For one, Colbert would have to drop his ultra-conservative 'Colbert Report' persona - something he has apparently agreed to do, according to Mashable - which comprises much of his current appeal, even as it lands him in hot water now and again. Colbert is also reportedly selective of his guests, and would need to acquiesce to a broader spectrum of Hollywood talent for his 'Late Show.'

Very little is known at this point, but we have to assume Colbert would make a fine replacement for Letterman in 2015, so what do you think? Is Stephen Colbert the best man to take on the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O'Brien? Should Craig Ferguson be given a shot, or should Conan return to a major network? Tell us who you want to see ascend the 'Late Show' throne after David Letterman in the comments!

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