Casey James shaved off his long blond hair! Either that or he's roping fans in for a pretty convincing April Fools Day joke. There's evidence to support both sides — take a look and decide for yourself.

The above picture is the 'finished product' of a video that shows James trimming and then shaving his head. Go ahead and watch, then we'll dissect:

The "Fall Apart" singer has been rocking the bandana lately, but it does seem perfectly placed to cover up lines that would be formed by a bald skull cap. The hair he's cutting looks too blond to be his, but then again, when was the last time you saw the Texan up close?

And then there's the nature of the camerawork. The filtered, independent film quality could be evidence that something fishy is going on. But ... James did tell Taste of Country several years ago that the only reason he keeps the long hair is because that's how fans identify him. After American Idol, it became part of who he is. Maybe he did finally cut it off?

So, what do you think? Sony representatives were non-committal in a request for more information (that has to mean it's a joke, right?), and James hasn't tweeted anything more about it since last night. Yep, Tuesday night (March 31). That has to be evidence that it's real right? After all, he didn't do it on April Fools Day ...

Except the best April Fools Day gags get started much earlier than April 1. Sigh ... we wait patiently for the truth to reveal itself. We thought of asking for a lock of hair as confirmation, but the last time we did that, things got weird.

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