Logan Warren is a 22-year old student from Nacogdoches who can’t afford to drink at Starbucks on a consistent basis. Luckily for Logan, he received a coupon for a free drink for his birthday that he got for signing up for their rewards program. With the coupon that entitled him to a free drink, any size, with any additional add-ons, he decided to take it on as a personal challenge. What’s the biggest, most expensive Starbucks drink money can buy?

Logan spend about a half-hour talking out his order with the barista and they came up with a plan, and so Logan’s order began. The size he used was Trenta, the Starbucks 31-ounce cup introduced by the company last May. The rest of the order was as follows:

  • Java Chip Frappucino at $4.75
  • 16 shots of espresso at $12
  • a shot of say milk at .60
  • a hint of caramel at .50
  • a scoop of banana puree at $1
  • a scoop of strawberry puree at .60
  • vanilla beans .50
  • some mocha powder at .75
  • protein powder at .50
  • caramel and mocha drizzle at .60

Total price for all this iced coffee goodness – $23.60, making it the most expensive Starbucks drink you can buy! Tip for the barista not included!

So, how about the taste? Warren posted on his blog:

The flavor? Tolerable, but not good.  Imagine a coffee-based health food smoothie that will put you in the hospital if you drink it all.  That’s how it tastes…like Jillian Michaels with a touch of Chuck Norris

I only thought the lady in front of me at Starbucks this morning had a difficult order!

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