Frankie Ballard's nasty shoulder injury came as a result of a misunderstanding between him and the ground. The 'Young and Crazy' singer shares that he was playing a rodeo in Humble, Texas. The stage was flanked by livestock chutes, so the actual crowd was 20 yards away.

“And then there was a VIP section off to my right," Ballard tells Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex, "and the VIP section was up four feet off the ground, so I think subconsciously I was thinking the stage was only that high.”

In actuality, the ground was 13 feet away. Ballard landed on his shoulder, separating it while busting a rib and "mangling" a few ligaments.

“I immediately reached under my jacket because I thought my collarbone was gonna be sticking up out of my neck,” he says. That wasn't the case, and his band was still playing a cover of Bob Seger's 'Old Time of Rock and Roll' behind him.

“I just didn’t want the show to end like that,” the singer says in the video above. “I went back up there and finished that one, and then did ‘Helluva Life’ and then went to the hospital."

The Texas show was a standalone solo show. Ballard will continue as an opener for Florida Georgia Line on the Anything Goes Tour on Thursday night (Feb. 12) in Iowa.

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