I haven't decided if this is one of the most ridiculous, or one of the most clever, marketing ideas I have ever seen. To promote their new family of Big Mac's - Grand Big Mac, Big Mac and Mac Jr. - McDonald's is giving away an 18k gold ring made of seven different layers of diamonds replicating one of their Big Mac burgers.

According to Today, the ring is made of "18-karat rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, with ruby, tsavorite, sapphire, and Champagne diamond gem detail." The ring is said to cost $12,500 face value. Who would ever think that a burger would cost over $12,000!

You can enter the contest by tweeting the "best, most creative vows of Big Mac burger love" to the McDonald's Twitter with the hashtag #blingmaccontest. So if you really want to make an impression this Valentines, get to tweeting. Although, I can't guarantee your impression will be a good one, it will definitely be memorable.

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