Could a Reddit thread have it right, is Bran Stark the Night King?If you've been consumed with everything Game of Thrones related over the past few months like I have, then maybe you've come across this fan theory, too.

Heads up, if you're catching up on seasons, and haven't reached season six, then you're in for some major spoilers. If you're caught up, or you love spoilers keep reading.

Brandon Stark becomes the three eyed raven in season six, and many things are revealed. We learn as Bran travels back in time that some of the stories he heard as child may have unfolded a little differently in reality than in the way that they were told.

We learn Hodor's origin, and how a time loop damaged his mind forever, and fulfilled his destiny. Hodor held the door allowing Bran to live. We learn about Jon Snow's true parentage, and that he truly does have royal blood flowing within him.

We also learn that the children of the forest were at war with man, and that they created the first white walker to save themselves and their magical trees.

We see Bran traveling through time, and how to most people he is entirely unseen or heard. Yet, when he calls out to his father, a young Ned Stark turns looking for the call, but sees no one. Magic and time travel are certainly allowing for some changes in reality.

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