Based out of Fort Worth, Green River Ordinance have been playing together for over 12 years and have had the opportunity to open for huge bands like Bon Jovi, Train and Counting Crows. They've enjoyed Billboard Top 40  success with two singles, “Come On” and “On Your Own." And last week the native Texans finally made their RTX debut. So put on your "Dancing Shoes" then check out our conversation.

We started the night off with their great new single "Dancing Shoes."

What's in a name? Green River Ordinance explain theirs in the next segment.

Next GRO explain their song "West Wind" and sing it live for us.

Pretty much all bands have YouTube channels these days, GRO is no exception. Next, we sample some of the songs the guys have covered and uploaded to theirs.

I'll leave you with the official "Dancing Shoes" video. If you like what you heard be sure to like 'em on facebook and follow 'em on Twitter.

How about an RTX-Extra, here's another live performance. This time it's "Goodbye LA" -- enjoy!