By nature, the gym isn’t usually a place that smells good, since it’s where people go to work out and to get sweaty and dirty while burning calories.

So body odor is one of the residual effects of all that exercise. However, a Los Angeles man, who also happens to be an actor and a model, which are common occupations in the city of angels, saw his Gold’s Gym membership revoked because he had such a potent and pungent case of body odor.

Morales posted a note on his Facebook page last week, saying that an employee of the gym told him his membership was being canceled since 10 other people complained about his body odor.

This story certainly is baffling, since a gym is a haven of body odor. It sort of goes with the territory. However, if nearly a dozen people complained about Morales smelling bad, perhaps his overall personal hygiene wasn’t that good to begin with.

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