For those of you who are already invested in the Netflix original series, 'House of Cards,' you probably have watched this trailer upwards of 1,000 times by now. But have you picked up on everything that it implies?

Lucky for you (and me), some people over at BuzzFeed broke down the entire trailer to predict what's going on in season 3. If you've seen the first two seasons, I challenge you to re-watch all the episodes already on Netflix in preparation for the release of season 3 before next month. For those of you who have never watched this show, you're missing out. I also dare you to watch this trailer and not be intrigued by the show.

Now that you've watched that and want to understand everything that you just saw, I'd recommend checking out this BuzzFeed article. Heads up, there are a few spoilers in it if you're new to the show!

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