The Heroic Tale of Storm Chaser Freddy McKinney: Rescuing a Family from the Clutches of a Massive Tornado in Hodges, Texas.

Meet Freddy McKinney, a brave storm chaser from Texas.

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Yesterday, a huge tornado hit, Hodges, Texas. But Freddy didn't run away. Instead, he rushed toward the danger to help people. X user @MattWalllace888 posted the video at the bottom of this article to his account this morning but be warned: It's hard to watch.

Not because of the visuals, but because of the audio. This is a distressed family with severely injured children, so viewer discretion is advised.

Close Call

The footage opens as Freddy is pulling up to this brave family running for their lives. He tells them to get in the car. Mom is carrying her daughter and begging him to let them use his phone. Dad and son are right on their heels and everyone piles into the truck.


As they pull away to head to the nearest hospital, we finally get a glimpse of the tornado and it is massive. Luckily, they escape and can get everyone to the hospital where their injuries were treated. God bless this man, he really saved the day!


Check out the video below:

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