Texas Wind Turbine's Fiery Encounter with Lightning Sparks Spectacular Display.

The video at the bottom of this article shows what happened after a wind turbine was struck by lightning in Crowell, Texas.

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X user @Rainmaker1973 recently posted the footage of this disaster from 2022.

Round and Round it Goes

At first, there appears to be a small fire on one of the blase. It leaves a cool visual as the smoke twirls around the massive structure and gets blown off to the left-hand side of the camera.


Where it Stops, Nobody Knows... Oh Wait, it Stopped

After a few more rotations, the fire spreads and engulfs the second of the three blades. The heat must have been too much for the structure because it starts falling apart.


Clean Energy

Even though it was scary, the fire sparked important talks about how to keep renewable energy safe during storms. With climate change making storms more powerful, we need to make sure our clean energy sources, like wind turbines, can handle the wild weather.

Check out the video below:


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