Move over every terrible town in Texas because a small Texas town has been deemed the worst city to live in the Lone Star State.

Most recently, a new study has found that Texas is indeed a hot spot for those looking to move somewhere more affordable- it even dominated a list of the "hottest zip codes" in the country. However, even with all the good, there has to be some bad.

Texas is so big that, of course, there has to be some undesirable areas. In fact, a different study found the 20 most undesirable places to live in in Texas; spoiler alert, a lot of them are in Dallas.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But today, I come to you with a new study- and this one names the absolute worst place to live in in each state. Surprisingly, none of the 20 towns already mentioned in the other study made the number one.

What is the worst city to live in in Texas?

According to this study, Eidson Road is the absolute worst place to live in the entire state. Does it sound familiar? Probably not! According to the study, Eidson Road is in the Eagle Pass metro area and has a population of about 9,700.

Some of the reasons Eidson Road made the list is the poverty rate is 34.8% and the median household income is just a little over $30,400- which is way below the middle class marker in Texas.

Eidson Road, Texas
Google Maps

Eidson Road doesn't look too bad; obviously, there could be some good in Eidson Road, but maybe do some more research on the area first.

However, if you're looking for pretty good neighborhoods, then check out this list of the hottest zip codes in Texas; if you were looking to move somewhere new in the state of Texas, these are your best choices as new neighborhoods keep developing.

Here are the 20 Worst Places to Live in Texas

If you're planning a big move to the Lone Star state, maybe avoid landing on any of these!


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