NASHVILLE, Tennessee (October 28, 2013) – Today Josh Grider releases music video for his current single “Smallest Town on Earth.” This is his second music video.

Grider portrays the song’s main character in his video acting debut. From the “one stop light” that is always red, to sitting “one pew over” the character is haunted by the memories of his ex-love, played by Josh’s wife Kristi Grider.

“This is only my second video, and first one to actually act in.  It was a lot of fun to shoot and having Kristi be a part of it was great.”  Josh said about the experience.

“Smallest Town On Earth” is the third single released from the EP The Gettin’ There, and was written by Josh with Erin Enderlin and Scott Stepakoff.

Grider is scheduled to go in studio in mid-November to begin tracks on his first full length studio album in 4 years.  The new album will be produced by fellow Texan singer/songwriter Trent Willmon who also produced The Gettin’ There.

This fall, the Baylor grad will also continue his stay on Troubadour, TX, the docu-reality television show about the lives of artists in the Texas/Red Dirt Country scene.

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