Justin Moore is being sued by a Nashville songwriter over the singer’s 2009 single ‘Backwoods.’ Bobby Carmichael has filed a federal lawsuit against Moore, claiming that the country hitmaker stole the song from him.

The Tennessean reports, according to Country Weekly, that Carmichael claims he wrote the song eight years ago along with fiddle player Britton Curry. However, the song is only credited to Moore, Jamie Paulin and songwriter/producer Jeremy Stover. Carmichael and Curry are not named as writers.

Furthermore, Carmichael claims that Moore’s ‘Backwoods,’ which has enjoyed over 300,000 downloads, is almost identical in several aspects — including in the lyrics, pitch and rhythm — to his original song. If the claims go to the courts without a settlement, he’ll need to prove that in order to be compensated for what he feels is a theft of the song.

Carmichael gave the rights to the song to Curry in 2003, and Curry in turn registered the song with U.S. Copyright Office. Carmichael and Curry are seeking $150,000 for each act of copyright infringement they believe was committed by Moore.

Moore and his label, Big Machine Records, have declined to comment at this time. They have yet to file a legal response to the suit. However, each side will meet on Oct. 1 in Nashville before the presence of a judge.

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