Keith Urban already has experience as a reality show judge, having served as a coach on the Australian version of ‘The Voice.’ Now, Urban may be lured to a competing show’s lair, since sources are indicating that ‘American Idol’ producers would like a country star on the revamped panel and that Urban their No. 1 choice to fill that genre-specific slot.

According to the reality singing shows-focuse mjsbigblog, top brass at ‘Idol’ would like another pop star and a Latin act to sit alongside Mariah Carey on the panel.

A few weeks ago, Brad Paisley’s name was bandied about as the country act that head honchos desired most for a slot on the panel, while Toby Keith said that he was offered a post but had to turn it down. Country’s favorite redhead Reba McEntire was also mentioned, and while she has plenty of scripted TV experience, she quickly shot down any rumors that she might join the show.

One country star that would love to be on ‘Idol’ is Rascal Flatts’ bassist Jay DeMarcus. So if Urban isn’t able, available or willing to put in the time and effort to ‘Idol,’ since the job is pretty extensive and requires a significant amount of time, perhaps the producers can reach out to DeMarcus? Send him a tweet? Maybe? Yes? No?

With country acts being some of the most popular to graduate from the show in recent years – hello, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Scotty McCreery- it stands to reason that the powers-that-be would want the show, which is still a ratings bonaznza, to further cement itself with the genre and its fans by having an established country artist sit on the judge’s panel.

Urban is certainly a logical choice, since he is an A-lister, handsome, charming, successful and would bring an equal amount of star power to the show.


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