As Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley looks forward to celebrating his tenth wedding anniversary later this year, his wife Cassie is playfully revisiting a time when things weren’t quite as rosy for the couple.

“One of Charles and I’s first big fights (happened) when (Lady Antebellum) were opening up for the Doobie Brothers in Ohio and (Charles) asked if I could sell merchandise,” Cassie recalls with a laugh during a recent podcast interview. “I was like, ‘Ugh, no.’ In hindsight, that was so rude of me.”

While that was a rather tame disagreement, the couple did have their share of growing pains as Lady Antebellum propelled toward stardom. So much so,in fact, that they briefly broke up back in 2008 after months of dating. Cassie says it ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened.

“We were broken up that whole summer of 2008,” she recounts. “It was great. I dated other people. My heart was honestly always with Charles, but I met a lot of nice people, which was nice.”

After returning from a stint on the road in August of 2008, Charles came calling again.

“He called me one day in early August and said, ‘I’m coming back from the road and I just wanted to talk about next steps for us,’ and I was thinking he was talking about just getting back together,” recalls Cassie. “But he was talking about getting engaged.”

The couple ended up getting engaged over Christmas of 2008, and married in the Bahamas in July of 2009.

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