Louisiana native Laine Hardy is no stranger to drawing musical inspiration from his hometown. Ever since his American Idol victory in 2019, the singer's dropped a number of poignant, nostalgia-fueled odes to small-town familiarity, including "Ground I Grew Up On" and "Let There Be Country."

"Tiny Town" continues in that vein, with a lonesome twist: In the song, Hardy sings about being far away from the place where he grew up, and how much he sometimes wishes he was back home.

The sentiment certainly seems to ring true to the singer: Hardy's life changed completely after his successful run on Idol last year, and the 19-year-old performer went from being a small-town kid to an international touring artist. He landed in Nashville to start work on his major-label debut album, with help from Jason Aldean's longtime producer Michael Knox.

Even though his newfound stardom meant realizing a long-held dream, it makes sense that Hardy would feel a little homesick for the town and life he left behind. That bittersweet sincerity is on full display in the lyrics of his newest ballad.

Did You Know?: Hardy's one of the country artists who contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus. He shared his diagnosis with fans in June, but assured them that his symptoms were mild. He recovered by the following month.

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Laine Hardy, "Tiny Town" Lyrics:

People wave when you roll by / Ain't worried 'bout what they drive / Just happy they ain't walkin' / Don't eat out 'cause they all cook / Live by the good book / A little twang when they're talkin'...


Yeah, that's livin' / Livin' in a tiny town / 9 to 5 and Friday nights / Wearin' Main Street down / Yeah, just livin' / Livin' in a tiny town / Hardwood floors and liquor stores / Letters burning out / What I wouldn't give right about now / To be back in my tiny town.

Sunday morning, church is packed / When the teachers buy beer, they park 'round the back / So the kids don't know they're drinkin' / Football ain't no joke / A can of worms and a fishing pole / Keep 'em busy on the weekends.

Repeat Chorus

One of these days I'll roll on out / Home to my tiny town...

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