Did you realize you were a short drive away from the largest go-kart track in America? I know I certainly didn't.

I would have guessed the largest go-kart track in the US had to be in a place like California, Florida, or even Texas. However, Louisiana is home to the largest outdoor go-kart track in the States, and it's a drive to New Orleans away.

Technically, NOLA Motorsports is found in Avondale, Louisiana. The small Louisiana town is found about 20 minutes from New Orleans. That means you can take your crew on a nice five hour drive from Shreveport and end up at the country's largest go-kart track!

It's been a fun couple of weeks attempting to plan late-Summer trips with the family before school starts. I found out recently that the largest indoor waterpark in America is also a short drive away from Shreveport. If waterparks are more of your thing, you can find info on the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock by clicking HERE.

Sure, the waterpark mentioned above is a short drive away, but it's in Texas. This go-kart track hails from the great state of Louisiana, and I must admit, it's pretty cool to have such a large and world-renowned go-kart track right here in our backyard.

The facility itself sits of a whopping 40 acres of land, 30 of those acres feature tracks for racing go-karts. You read that correctly, THIRTY ACRES OF GO-KART TRACK!

They have karts on the site that can reach insane speeds of over 60 MPH! Of course, you'll need some training and experience before getting behind the wheel of a beast like that.

On top of the go-kart racing, the facility also routinely opens up it's track for cars and vehicles of all shapes and sizes to hit the pavement and push their rides to the limit.

If you're looking for one more special trip with the family before summer ends, you can't go wrong with NOLA Motorsports!

NOLA Motorsports - Largest Go-Kart Track in America

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