This summer, Love and Theft has been traveling all over the country to open for Tim McGraw's 2 Lanes of Freedom Tour. The experience has proven to be perfect fodder for a music video for the duo's latest single, 'If You Ever Get Lonely.'

The video opens up with three fast shots that capture what it's like to tour extensively without going home to see your family. First, Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson are shown warming up in an empty venue. Then, the clip cuts to a shot of a tour bus zooming down the highway, and last, Liles is on the phone with a pretty girl back home.

At first, it's easy to assume that this girl is his wife -- but not so fast. Before she gets off the phone with Liles, her significant other walks in to kiss her goodbye and she quickly hides the phone from him.

As the song transitions to the chorus, people stream into the previously empty venue to catch LnT's live performance of 'If You Ever Get Lonely.' But even a jam-packed crowd isn't enough to get the girl (is she an ex girlfriend?) off of Liles' mind.

As the video progresses, these two seemingly star-crossed lovers keep texting (at times, Gunderson can't do anything but roll his eyes at his bandmate's infatuation). Eventually, Liles and his girl come face-to-fact after a Love and Theft show -- but she's with her boyfriend. Liles climbs into the tour bus with Gunderson and leaves her behind.

Although the 'If You Ever Get Lonely' video uses some actual footage from the duo's summer touring experience, the clip still manages to have a good plot. In the end, it seems like Gunderson is the one who keeps Liles from feeling too lonely -- not some girl who is playing two guys against each other.

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