Memorial Day weekend is upon us and its time to unofficially welcome summer, however this particular weekend is often a deadly one on the highways due to drunk drivers.

Drunk driving is 100% avoidable. If you plan on attending or hosting a party where alcohol is involved, you need to designate a driver to stay sober to get others home safely not only for themselves but for other innocent drivers on the road.

According to a press release from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 160 lives were claimed last year from drivers that were driving impaired. Being the start of the summer, this is when we typically see a rise in fatal traffic accidents including those cause from drunk driving. This type of accident is 100% avoidable with a designated driver or the host of the party being responsible and taking away the keys of those that appear impaired from drinking alcohol.

Together we all can have a great time celebrating this important national holiday and have a great time as long as we are all responsible. Ron Sylvan, MADD North Texas Regional Executive Director says,

Memorial Day weekend is a time when we gather to honor our nation's heroes who sacrificed their lives to save ours. Please make it a safe weekend as well. If your plans include alcohol, make sure you designate a non-drinking driver."

During the long Memorial Day weekend, Texas Department of Public Safety officers will also be out on the road looking for seat belt violators with the Click It Or Ticket campaign. If you forget to 'click it', it could be costly.

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