In the midst of the terror and horror in Monday's bomb attack at the Boston Marathon, America has come together to grieve, support and make a stand. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim's in this senseless act of evil.

The person, or persons, who are responsible for the bombing can only be called - evil. Evil is hard to fight and deal with, because as humans, evil usually is innately foreign to us. When evil raises it's ugly head, it's shocking and unbelievable. But evil exists, and we as a society, must stand against it.

America is doing just that, in some pretty incredible ways. For instance, the MLB gave a tribute to the people of Boston, at ballparks across America, by singing the Boston Red Sox theme song "Sweet Caroline." Yes, even the New York Yankees chimed in! Amazing.

I don't know about you, but seeing the support and love all across America, makes me feel proud, and hopeful, that America will be alright - and we will!

A Loving Tribute To The People of Boston "Sweet Caroline"