So, I talked last week how I was excited to see 'The Peanuts Movie.' I had some friends give me some giggles. I had some friends that made a little fun of me.

Charlie Brown and his crew have always been a favorite of mine. Every day before school, I'd read the three-cell comic strip in the newspaper. Then on Sunday, you'd get the five page comics and Peanuts was always on the front page. I think both are still around even with the newspaper industry taking a decline.

Every year, I'd watch "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." So yes, a huge part of my childhood.

I saw the movie yesterday afternoon and I was very impressed. Peanuts has always had that hand drawn beauty. To see a computer animated Charlie Brown did worry me a bit but it worked. To take the computer-generated animation and add those classic animated touches like facial expressions and even the "whaps" and "bangs" in a hand drawn visual kept the nostalgia feel.

The voice acting is done by kids. Very impressed how close they sounded like the classic voices we know. Even the "wah wah" from the adults, loved it.

The story is a typical Peanuts story. If you've followed them like I have, Charlie Brown is trying to impress the little red haired girl. He gets "help" from Lucy (nice to see her five cent psychiatrist booth) and Snoopy.

Of course, no Peanuts film can go without the exploits of the WW1 Flying Ace taking on the Red Barron. This time, Snoopy's alter ego is trying to save a certain love interest.

My only disappointment was not hearing enough of the music we remember from the original cartoons but what they used worked.

Overall, I really enjoyed my hour and a half of nostalgia, as you will as well. Hearing kids reactions to any of Snoopy's scenes was priceless in the theater. Go see it friends.

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