It seems that reality shows are taking over television as we know it, and by the looks of it that's not going to change anytime in the near future. In the meantime, Fox might have just announced the cruelest reality show yet. Get the details about how they're crushing women's dreams here.

Every little girl grows up and dreams of falling in love with and marrying a prince, it's just what girls do. But Fox has recently announced their newest reality show that essentially tricks women who have signed up to be on a dating show into believing that they are going on dates with Prince Harry. Crazy, I know.

'I Wanna Marry Harry' is set to debut in May of this year so that the rest of America can watch these 12 women think they're falling in love with royalty. But here's the thing, the guy on the show isn't Prince Harry (duh, why would he be on a dating show anyway?). The man on the show is actually Matthew Hicks, a British guy who just happens to look remarkably similar to Prince Harry - which is rather fortunate for him I suppose.

The show will cover the series of dates, courtings and encounters between Matthew aka Fake Prince Harry and the ladies on the show who were never told that the guy was or was not royalty. The purpose is for him to sway all the ladies into believing that he's royalty and hope that he convince them to fall in love. Talk about a twisted and corrupt concept, right?

If you're a little hung up on the whole idea of the show, its debut is May 27 at 7 central time on Fox.

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