Shark Week is undoubtedly the biggest week long event on television. People anxiously sit around their televisions year round waiting for the great whites to take over. Well the wait is almost over. The 25th Shark Week takes over televisions nationwide this Sunday, August 12th.

The first Shark Week aired in July of 1988 as a week long series to help people develop a better understanding and respect of sharks. People were so intrigued that the next year they aired it again, and every year since. The Discovery Channel goes into great detail of the sharks, how they live, how they act and why, and much more.

This is the 25th anniversary of the first Shark Week and many are expecting it to be one of the biggest ever. With more features, shocking documentaries, and bigger sharks, this is a television event you wont want to miss. Shark Week starts on Sunday, August 12 and airs all week long on the Discovery Channel.

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