Most people who hire a cleaning service usually leave the house so that the maids can get their work done, but in this case, this maid service gives guys a reason to stay at home while they’re being serviced.

Lisa Lyve came across this story about Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service, which has been in business for nearly a month, operating in and around the hub city. They’re like any other maid service, except that these girls will take their clothes off, all of their clothes, if clients request.

Police are keeping close tabs on the business to make sure nothing illegal goes on.

"I run a maid service," 26-year-old owner Melissa Borrett said. "We really just clean houses. These girls are not performers. They're maids."

The big discussion is whether this “job” is against the law. The maid service even offers discounts to police officers and other public servants.

What do you think?

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