After 16 years together as a band, Rascal Flatts celebrated their 16th career No. 1 single with "I Like the Sound of That" on Wednesday (July 13) at Sounds Stadium in Nashville, Tenn. Their No. 1 party had many laughs, numerous baseball references and several digs at each other by both the songwriters and the band.

Taste of Country spoke with songwriters Jesse Frasure and Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay, who wrote the song along with Meghan Trainor, who was on tour and unable to make it to the celebration. Mooney recalls writing "I Like the Sound of That" over two years ago in Nashville and says it started with a good vibe and the title.

Frasure met Mooney and Trainor before their artist careers took off, and the three budding writers fell into an instant rhythm in the writing session together because they each came from different backgrounds.

"Meghan was so shy and she brought a ukulele that day," Frasure tells Taste of Country. "This was the first cut that I've been on that my parents were like, 'Yeah, we know Rascal Flatts.' We kept doing those writes and then of course he formed Dan + Shay and we all kept in touch. This was so early on. To see this song with a band we grew up loving meant a lot."

The three songwriters met for their co-write on Jan. 21, 2014 and wrote the song. The very next day, it went on hold for Rascal Flatts, who cut the song a month later on Feb. 24. As Rascal Flatt's Joe Don Rooney explains, "I Like the Sound of That" never lost the band's attention from the first time they heard it.

"I thought it was current. It talks about blowing up cell phones. It talks about all the stuff the younger generation talks about it, the hip way that all generations understand," Rooney tells Taste of Country. "I think it's very universal and hip and cool and that's exactly what we look for in a country song."

Frontman Gary LeVox added that it's often difficult to find great uptempo songs that stick with them and have an impact, but "I Like the Sound of That" was a track that did just that for the trio.

The band's No. 1 party was held in the Nashville Sounds' clubhouse, and family and friends of the band and songwriters, as well as music industry professionals, attended and enjoyed an open bar and baseball game staples like popcorn, hot dogs and hamburgers.

After the songwriters and band were presented with several plaques for the success of the song, they spoke to the audience and thanked their families, label and promotions teams for their support.

"This is a huge full circle moment for me because I grew up loving these guys, Rascal Flatts. They've been like grandparents to me which is really awesome," Mooney joked in good fun. "I love these guys so much. I can't thank you guys enough."

Always funnymen themselves, Rascal Flatts wouldn't let Mooney get the last joke in that evening — Jay DeMarcus had a dig for the younger songwriter.

"We knew we had to cut this song when we heard Shay's vocal on it and all the licks he stole from Gary," he said. "That's for the grandparent comment, buddy. I love this dude so much and he is such a talented singer and Jesse Frasure, you are a bad, bad boy. Just when I think this town can't handle any more talent someone comes in and blows you away."

While Trainor couldn't be in attendance, a video message from the singer was projected in which she confessed that she wished she could make it to the ballpark.

"I'm on tour trying to be a pop star but I wish I was there celebrating with all of you," she said. "Congrats, Rascal Flatts! This is literally my dream come true. Take a shot for me, have fun, go crazy!"

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