The Most Reliable Auto Brands in Texas
With a big Thanksgiving travel week coming up it's a good thing if we can trust our vehicles to get us where we're going, and Lexus is the brand that is least likely to strand us on the side of I-20. See where your brand lands on the reliability list.
Two North Texas Toddlers Die In Hot Car
It doesn't officially have to be 'summer' for it to get hot in Texas.  On any typical day it can get hot and can kill kids and animals that are locked in cars with the windows up. The message is repeated over and over again when it comes to kids or animals being locked in a car w…
‘Freedom’ – What Was Your First ‘Ride’
Remember when you were sixteen and having your own 'ride' was all you could think about? Some of us had to work for that 'ride,' whether it was making the grades at school, working a part time job, even a summer job. Whatever the situation, we were determined  to get that &a…